Understanding Vapour Electronic cigarettes Store

Can you believe that science has done so much development that it has even made an electronic cigarette which can now be used without worrying about any health risk? Yeah people, this miracle has taken place. Vapour Electronic cigarettes are an electronic device which consists of a fluid containing cartridge which is turned into smoke through the battery powered atomizer which is the second part of electronic cigarette.

They are a lot safer and better than normal tobacco cigarettes. When an electronic cigarette is compared at the tobacco shop, one can find so many points proving that electronic cigarettes are so better. So, let us have a look at the comparison between tobacco shop’s cigarette and Vapor electronic cigarettes.

A Vapour electronic cigarette unlike the tobacco shop cigarette does not have any tar or any nasty reflexive effects of smoking. It is not restricted in the non-smoking area since the smoke is not real, but just a mixture of vapours and sometimes nicotine. It does not have any flame meaning there are no burnt beds or sofas any more not to mention any carbon monoxide. It does not have any unpleasant odours while the tobacco shop cigarettes smell penetrated into our clothes.

When you compare an electronic Vapour cigarette with a tobacco shop cigarette, it helps you save more than $2000 per year. This is because vapour electronic cigarettes can be recharged and refilled once they are empty, so it does help you save a fortune.

Another great thing about electronic cigarettes is that contrary to the tobacco shop’s cigarette, it does not give off any real smoke and thus it does not expose any harmful chemicals to the atmosphere. This means they are absolutely environment friendly, does not offend the go green supporters. Well now i hope you can also see how much better electronic cigarettes are than the tobacco shop cigarettes, so try the new environmentally and health friendly e-cigarette and do your lungs a favour, the vapour experience is something i highly recommend there is a nice trust worthy online shop selling vapour cigarettes you can find them easily on google im sure i got mine there and they have helped me kick my smoking habits.