Electronic cigarettes- An Analysis

V2 is a premier producer of electronic cigarettes that places a huge importance on customer satisfaction. It is at the back of such pro-customer policies that the company has managed to create an enviable clientele. The company also produces starter kits which are known as V2 Cigs Starter Kits, that contains everything that a person needs to start using an electronic cigarette. People who want to use an electronic cigarette can choose either an automatic cigarette or a manual electronic cigarette. The next step is to use it along with a cartridge. People can choose from a wide variety of flavours for their cartridges. These flavours include mint tea, menthol, peppermint, coffee, chocolate, cola and cherry. These cartridges are available in ten different flavours and are available in four different varieties that have different intensities of nicotine in them.

These four different varieties are zero or light, medium, full and nicotine. People can choose from these varieties depending upon the amount of intensity of nicotine they want to consume. Other flavours of these cartridges include Red, Sahara and Congress. Of these flavours Red is a liquid for electronic cigarette that has an aroma that is similar to that of traditional blend of tobacco, while Sahara has the aroma of Middle Eastern flavours and is an ideal liquid for people who use Camel. Lastly, Congress is a liquid whose taste and aroma best resembles that of the refined quality of American tobacco and is beat for Parliament smokers.

The electronic cigarette comprises of a flavour cartridge, a battery and an atomizer. The battery is present inside the body of the electronic cigarette, and it is the battery that powers the atomizer. These batteries are either manual or automatic. The choice between the two types of batteries depends on the kind of model of electronic cigarette used by a person. In case of automatic batteries, they are powered the moment the user puffs on them while a manual electronic cigarette starts by pushing a button that is located on its side. When the battery provides power to the atomizer, it heats the liquid and releases nicotine vapor. Those people who want to buy these cigarettes should know that they are backed by a month’s money back guarantee. People who want to buy V2 electronic cigarettes can order them online as well. The company ships its products to even worldwide locations. Further, these electronic cigarettes have been widely tested and are completely safe for use.